Sour Cream Substitute(s)

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Published on: February 1, 2013


Sour cream is used, not only for texture, but for the tang it has. It’s used in a lot of chocolate cake recipes. Sour milk can be a replacement, which is also a buttermilk replacement in baking recipes – milk with vinegar or lemon juice.

To make 1 cup use 1 tablespoon lemon juice or vinegar with enough milk to make 1 cup. Otherwise sour cream and plain yogurt are interchangeable in a recipe. So however much sour cream, use that same amount of plain yogurt. To do the sour milk trick, or even buttermilk, you’ll be affecting the texture or crumb of the cake, and will also need to cut out some liquid from the recipe.

Your first choice should be to see if you have the same amount of plain yogurt. Even flavored yogurt will do in a pinch and, in fact, can enhance the flavor of some cakes.

My second choice is always mayonnaise with a tablespoon of white vinegar per cup. But if you use mayonnaise  use mayonnaise. Don’t use salad dressing (Miracle Whip) packaged to resemble mayonnaise. DO NOT use any kind salad dressing at all! Use mayonnaise with a tablespoon of white vinegar per cup. After all, it’s all about chemistry when you are baking.

Third choice would be the sour milk trick, or buttermilk if it’s on hand – Same difference.

Fourth choice should be, “Do I really need to bake this right now?”

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