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Published on: September 8, 2012

It took me a long time to sort out what type of cooking I do. I was often asked what I liked to do best and if I’m doing it.

I finally came up with – I’m a SIG Cook!

SIG = Simple Is Good

I’ve always strived to make great tasting dishes using a minimum of ingredients. Some are so simple that first time tasters are taken aback by the flavor.

While I do have more traditional recipes, it’s the SIG recipes that I explore most. I guess I got a bit of that from grandma. Occasionally you’ll notice a recipe that I say was passed down from her. Grandma liked to keep things simple too. Not as simple as me. But she enjoyed regular down-home cookin’.

So whether they’re mine, Marie’s, Henry’s, Sylvia’s, or Grandma’s; we attempt to keep them at the SIG level. Not all make it. But it is what we try to do.

So, Hello! My name is Dennis. And I’m a SIG cook.

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