Making Perfect Gravy

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Published on: November 13, 2012

A common question I’m asked when it comes to cooking is, “How do you make gravy?”.

It’s a reasonable question. For if you never learn, you never know.

The answer? Shake your gravy train!

I make gravy the way I stumbled onto so many years ago. I don’t remember what I was doing when I stumbled, but I’m happy it happened. It’s the easiest, full-proof method I know. And, believe me, I’ve tried a lot of methods!

With that said, here’s my magic recipe for gravy. I refer to this process as creating stock-mix to add to your drippings.

What you’ll need to create the stock-mix:

  1. A jar with a screw-on lid. Can be glass or plastic. I use an old peanut butter jar.
  2. Cornstarch. If I meant flour, I would have said flour. We must use cornstarch if we want perfect – lump free – gravy. So please use cornstarch.
  3. Drippings. Whatever you’re making gravy for started as something – roast, chicken, pork, something. But you want to use all the drippings in most cases.

Since all recipes vary in size and stature, here’s the tricky bit – figuring out how much base you’ll need.

What you’re going to do is place some cornstarch in the jar. How much depends on how much gravy you’re making. But you’ll never want more than 1/4 of the jar. 1/4 jar will make a TON. But sometimes we need a ton. And since it doesn’t cost to make too much stock-mix, it’s OK to make too much stock-mix.

Add clear, clean water on top of the cornstarch to fill the jar 3/4 to 9/10 full. Screw the lid on. And shake-shake-shake! Shake it up quick and well, then give it another shake. You want to make sure the cornstarch is completely mixed. Now you’re ready for gravy time!

Place your drippings in a pot or pan and heat on high heat until boiling.

Start adding your stock-mix, stirring constantly. Don’t add it all. Add just enough so that the entire mixture begins to have the consistency of heavy syrup.

Serve hot.

Get ready for, “How do you make gravy?” questions from your family and guests.

With practice, you’ll easily learn how much stock-mix you’ll need for what you’re making. And that may take a few tries. I purposely left out exact measurements, because it is my belief that exact measurements don’t sit well with gravy.

Different meats and dishes have different fat contents and drippings. The more you make gravy by just putting in “what looks right” the easier it will get.

Don’t be shy. Grab a jar, some cornstarch, a little water, salt & pepper, and put them in some drippings or just fat and make some gravy! Good gravy without lumps!

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