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Published on: November 16, 2012

For friends and family that are looking for recipes created by Dennis, just follow this link. It will bring up a list of everything I’ve posted on this site. OK – More than a list – It’ll bring up pages of recipes by me.

These recipes were either created by me (Dennis) or handed down from relatives or friends. Even the handed down ones were likely tweaked a bit by me. And even then, only because I found an easier way or an easy enhancement.

I’ve always wondered how much you need to modify a recipe before you can call it yours.

Or does the fact that you’ve modified it at all make it yours?

Or does the fact that you started with a recipe make it that recipe’s author no matter what you do?

Check that! Forget them questions! Just writing them made me reconsider. And I’ve made a decision.

I consider any recipe I post here mine! Maybe I started with Grandma’s favorite spoon bread recipe, but what I present here isn’t what I received  So … forget the questions about who’s recipe is it … I only post my recipes here!

There! Now that I’ve written all that, you can be sure it’s me doing the writing! Not that I rattle on at times or anything like that.


Well Done

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